Alphabet Activities

This is an activity to meet the Common Core Standards for Reading in Kindergarten. K.RFS.1 states that  students will recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet. You can use this resource as stated below to practice these skills.

It fits right in on the first week of school when you read Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom or year-round.

How to use:
can match uppercase letters to the corresponding lowercase letters. Use the
attached mat to place the cards in the boxes.
can sequence the upper or lowercase letters in correct order. Use in the pocket
chart or on the carpet. This is also a good way to retell the story.
one of the mats in the listening center and provide magnetic letters. Students
place the correct letters on the mat as they listen to the story.
the letter cards around the room. Students go for a letter hunt. They return to
the carpet and show and tell about the letter that they found. (Example: I
found the letter “A”- acorn and airplane start with “A”) OR (Abel’s name starts
with “A”)
the letter cards to for a graph.  Teacher
lines the letter cards on a bulletin board or butcher paper. Students write
their names on an index card and place it under the first letter in their
student is given a letter card. As the teacher reads the story “Chicka Chicka
Boom Boom,” the student raises the corresponding card.
use magnetic letters or letter tiles to find the letters in their names. They
mix up the letters on the given mat. Then, they will build their names under
the coconut tree.  


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