Bright Alphabet Clip Art Collection

I gave my beginning sounds clip art a makeover and created these bright alphabet sets. This Bright Line includes MANY more graphics, including the additional JPG formats. I can’t believe that there is a total of 832 images in this A-Z clip art collection.  Due to the size of these sets, they will be sold in individual files (by letter sets) and in small bundles. 

Each letter includes:

– 8 graphics 

-brighter colors

-PNG images in color

-PNG images in black and white 

-JPG images in color

-JPG images in black and white











The Bright Bundles:

I wish that I could offer these sets in one big Bundle, but the file is too big. I had to divide it into 4 small sets.

Set #1 = Letters A-G

Set #2 = Letters H-N

Set #3 = Letters O-U

Set #4 = Letters V-Z

It was so much work to make these new sets, but I think that they turned out nice.

The old bundle:

See the difference? This older bundle uses bolder colors and only has 320 images. My new Bright Alphabet Bundles total 832 images!

This version with BOLD colors is not available anymore. 


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