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This week’s topic is about wall decor in our classrooms. 

As the new school year approaches, we begin to make a list of the things that we need to set up our classrooms. The majority of these things are tied to wall decor, things such as a world map poster that will let the students have a reference for the world around them, and other wall-mounted items that brightens the space. We want to provide a warm and inviting environment where students feel welcomed and know that there is truly a place for them in our classrooms.

Bulletin Board

The first thing that I want students and parents to see is a bulletin board with student names. This will assure them that they are in the right place. The bulletin board can be in the hallway, next to our classroom door. If you do not have a bulletin board nearby, you can also decorate your door. Many teachers like to choose a theme for the classroom and will decorate the bulletin accordingly.  Here’s a sample:

I created this bulletin board with yellow wrapping paper and school borders. Then, I added some cute owls that I cut out of a poster from the Dollar Tree. The alphabet banner and pom-poms add the finishing touch to make this welcome board stand out.

Backpack Labels:

Now that students know that they are in the right room, they will look for a place to set those heavy backpacks down.  I like to have the backpack rack labeled on the first day of school. This way, they will become familiar with the morning routine and begin to have a sense of ownership to the classroom.


Even though we do not know the children well yet, I believe that it is very important to have those nameplates ready on the first day of school. Students see their names on the table and begin to feel at ease because they see something that they are familiar with. Our names are very powerful, plus it will help our Kinders find their place in the classroom.


Calendar Time is a big deal in Kindergarten. This is where most classrooms begin their instruction. Students will learn about the months of the year, the days of the week, the date, etc. If you do not have a pocket chart for a calendar, you can use a desk calendar like this one. I found it at Big Lots for $3. You can either pin it up like I did, or you can laminate the current month so that you can add the number cards every morning.
My calendar pack includes the months, days and number cards. Available in English and Spanish.

Classroom Labels

I strongly believe in environmental print. Students begin to distinguish between letters, numbers and pictures. They make connections between words and objects. They see patterns in words… well, I could go on and on. We all know the benefits of visuals… The more print they see around them, the more they become curious about reading and writing. 
Available in English and Dual Language.

Alphabet Posters

You can use letter size posters to decorate a long wall or 1/2 page cards for a smaller area. Make sure to post the alphabet in a place where students are able to see it well in the room. These will help students with letter-sound relationships, letter formation, alphabet sequence, etc. 
Posters available in English here and here,  and also in Spanish.

Word Wall

This is a colorful word wall. I used 99¢ wrapping paper from Party City. I like how the letters and words stand out. Each alphabet header has the letter and an object that represents the sound it makes. I only used red, yellow, blue, and green cards, but these colors lend themselves to some fun word wall games. 
Center signs
A good way to define the areas of your classroom is by adding center signs. These will help students know where to go during a center rotation and where to remain during a center activity. These need to be posted in an area where the students can see them clearly.  I use Astrobrights (neon cardstock found at Target) behind the center signs so that students can find them quickly in a room.

Math Wall

We can’t forget about the math wall. I post the hundreds chart, numbers 1-30 posters, colors, and shapes. As we learn new objectives, these are added as posters and charts. 
This pack was originally made for the numbers 1-10, then I updated it to 1-20. Now, I made them up to 30 but they have not been posted yet. I need to make sure everything looks right. They will be available in English and Spanish soon.
Available in English and Spanish.

Reading Corner

Create an inviting area where students can take their browsing boxes. Add a  basket of plush toys. Students can choose their favorite one and read a story to it… I found these colorful pillows, rug and baskets at Big Lots. 


Here are some freebies in English and Spanish. Enjoy!

Well, that’s it for today. I hope that you enjoyed this post 🙂


Add a blog post with your classroom decor ideas. Make sure to link back to this post 🙂 

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