Back to School Books for Kindergarten

Here are some popular back to school books for kindergarten. I love it when our school library has multiple copies of these books so that there’s always enough for several teachers. You can also get them from Scholastic when they go on sale or from Amazon.


Books for the First Day of School


My favorite book for the first day of kindergarten is The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. Students are always nervous and scared on the very first day of school. This story helps them get rid of their nerves a little at a time. I just keep reminding them to place their hands on their cheeks throughout the day, and all of a sudden, I see a new smile on their faces. I love this book!

The Kissing Hand book for Kindergarten

Leo the Late Bloomer is my favorite for pre-k. This story helps students understand that we come to school to learn new things. Some will learn a little quicker and others will take a little more time… and it’s OK!!!! All we have to do is TRY our best.

Leo the Late Bloomer book for Kindergarten


Back to School books for Kindergarten


Books about School for Kindergarten

These Back to School books include:

1. The Kissing Hand

2. Leo the Late Bloomer

3. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

4. First Day Jitters

5. Crisanthemum

6. Froggy Goes to School

7. The Night Before Kindergarten

8. Mommy in My Pocket

9. Clifford’s First School Day

10. Wemberly Worried

11. Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten

12. David Goes to School

13. Pete the Cat


Back to School Books in Spanish


Spanish Books about School for Kindergarten

The Spanish Back to School Books include (Libros acerca de la escuela):

1. Un Beso en Mi Mano

2. Leo, el retoño tardia

3. Chica Chica Bum Bum

4. ¡Que nervios!

5. Froggy Va a La Escuela

6. Crisantemo

7. Clifford Va la La Escuela

8. Si Llevas un Ratón a La Escuela

9. Splat, el Gato