Valentine’s Day Heart Craft

How to make a stained glass heart

1.  Fold construction paper in half. Trace half a heart with a half inch border and cut.

2. Open your heart cut-out.

3. Find your favorite color of tissue paper and cut them into small squares.


4. Cut a square of clear laminate. You need just enough to cover the heart shape.

5. Place heart on top of the sticky side of the laminate. Start sticking the colored tissue paper inside the shape.




6. When you finish decorating your valentine heart, cut around the shape. A good tip to remember is to cut a little bit outside the edge, just enough to keep your scissors moving. If you would like a sturdier craft, you could add laminate to the opposite side of the heart before you start cutting.

7. Tape your valentine heart craft to a window and enjoy the sunlight shining through those beautiful pieces of colored paper.


Materials Needed:

  • Colored Construction Paper
  • Pencil to draw half heart
  • Scissors
  • Clear laminate
  • Colored Tissue Paper