21 Books for Mother’s Day

Are you looking for books for your Mother’s Day unit? Here are some titles that you might find in your school’s library. My favorites are Love You Forever and The Kissing Hand, but the other books are fun to read as well. 

This collection includes the following books:

1.  Olivia A Sweet Surprise for Mom
2.  Love You Forever
3.  The Night Before Mother’s Day
4.  Mama, Do You Love Me?
5.  Is Your Mama A Llama?
6.  Just Shopping With Mom
7.  The Kissing Hand
8.  Just Me and My Mom
9.  Pinkalicious Mother’s Day Surprise
10. Where’s My Mom?
11. Mother’s Day
12. Fancy Nancy’s Fabulous Mother’s Day Brunch
13. Guess How Much I Love You
14. Me and My Mom!
15. Mother’s Day Surprise
16. Happy Mother’s Day
17. I Love You, Mom
18. Clifford’s Happy Mother’s Day
19. I Love You, Little One
20. The Berenstain Bears We Love Our Mom
21. I Love You to the Moon and Back

Did I miss any? Which one is YOUR favorite Mother’s Day book?