Back to School Dinner

Back to School Dinner Ideas

I love the idea of a back to school dinner. It does not necessarily have to be done on the first day of school or the night before. You can have one a few days after school starts so that the kids can have something to look forward to after school. It continues to motivate them and not have time to think of how tired they are with their new routine.

How to prepare for the dinner

You can make dinner as usual or make them their FAVORITE meal. The point is to have your table ready before dinner. This will give them enough time to sit at the table, talk about how their day went and enjoy the goodies at the table. As you can see, I just placed dry erase boards on top of their plates. Then, I added an alphabet letter on top of that. It so happens that the letters match the first letter in their names. Isabella goes by Bella at home and that’s why we chose the letter B for her. The little gift bags have a container of Play Doh, which they love. The milk jars and paper straws just add a nice touch and it’s something different to enjoy during dinner. Just hit the dollar spot at Target and your decor is complete 🙂

back to school dinner by lidia barbosa

How can they use the white boards?

These can be used while waiting for dinner to be ready. Just let them write the alphabet letters, sight words, sentences , about their day at school or whatever they want. Let them enjoy this time while they talk to you about school.


back to school dinner lidia barbosa5

When should they open their gift bags?

You decide! It depends on what you have in the bag. I have play doh, so that’s something that they can play with at any time. If it’s something very special, maybe they can wait until after dinner so that they have plenty of time to enjoy it.


back to school dinner lidia barbosa2

How about the decorative letters on their plates?

Later, these letters can be used to decorate their rooms. You can place it on a dresser or hang it over the bed.


back to school dinner lidia barbosa4

Where can I find the milk jars?

You can find these in the Target Dollar spot or at Michaels.


back to school dinner by lidia barbosa