Beginning Sounds Crowns

Beginning Sounds Crowns are a fun way to keep early learners engaged. They may be used to introduce, practice or review letter names and sounds. They are great for whole group, small group, or in a center. This activity brings the child’s attention to the beginning sounds in words.

alphabet crowns for beginning sounds pics
The focus letter is positioned at the top of the crown.

alphabet activities in kindergarten

Students may add a pattern to the round gems that are lined up across the crown pattern.

making patterns in kindergarten


There are 4 graphics on the crown to represent the beginning letter sound. This is where students can name each picture, then write the first letter in each word. You can have students name the picture in one of two ways:

option #1: bird, bird, /b/, /b/, /b/

option #2: /b/, /b/, /b/, bird

beginning sounds in kindergarten


This activity is geared towards Pre-K to 1st grade students. But, as you can see… I have been using them with my own 3 year old. They are so easy and fun to do. Even my little Isabella was engaged in learning.

literacy activities for kindergarten


Not only does she have wonderful fine motor skills, but was able to create an ABC pattern on the round gems all by herself 🙂

alphabet phonics hats for preschool and kindergarten

Here is her finished crown on a sentence strip. So cute 🙂

alphabet crowns for beginning sounds pics

Available in English here.

Alphabet Crowns- English


Available in Spanish here.

Alphabet Crowns- Spanish

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