Thematic Crowns

Kids LOVE to wear crowns! So, we use them as a learning tool to keep them engaged in Kindergarten. I’m excited about these new Thematic crowns. They can be used to wrap up a unit on Friday. When the kids wear it at dismissal time, parents will take notice. I see it as an end of the week review for kids and as a conversation starter at home.

I have completed volume #1 for themes from September to December.
Here are two samples of the thematic crowns that are appropriate for this time of year.
pumkin thematic units crowns for kindergarten
thematic crowns fall leaves pic


end of a school day funny with crown


So instead of this…end of a school day funny


The conversation will be more like this…

end of a school day funny with crown

The thematic crown serves as a good visual for conversations about school, at home. It’s a win, win for teacher, mother and kid 🙂


Here are the thematic topics. They will be posted as soon as I get some proofers to look over them 🙂

thematic crowns collage pic

thematic crowns collage pic spanish


Find it here in English.

Find it here in Spanish.



I will give away 2 sets tonight (October 4th). Just leave a small comment on this post. I will send you the packet at about 7:30 p.m. to the email that you sign in with 🙂


Good Luck!

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