Self Portrait FREEBIE

I like to plan for self-portraits on the first week of school. They show me each student’s ability when it comes to fine motor skills and attention to detail. A read-aloud is always tied in to this lesson. We talk about things that we will learn in Kindergarten, this year. I also make sure that they understand that everyone CAN learn. It is very important that they believe in themselves and always try their best. Leo the Late Bloomer is a good book to use with this activity.


Here is a free self-portrait template. The download includes two templates in English and two templates in Spanish.


Samples of the Spanish printables. The large face template is a good one to use in a Pre-K classroom on the first day of school. The smaller face template can be used in the Kindergarten classroom where students are able to draw more details.


Back-to-School Books

These are some books that can be used during your Back-to-School unit. I LOVE The Kissing Hand, Froggy Goes to School, Leo the Late Bloomer, and Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom!
Which books do YOU like to read? Are they on this list?

Butterfly Gametivity

I hope that you like my new idea 🙂

I am always looking for ways to
make learning fun. This FREE pack includes the common ROLL, SAY, COVER game mats for
number identification and addition. But, I came up with a new way to use this
concept for vocabulary development and comprehension.  I combined the ROLL, SAY, COVER game with the
LIFE CYCLE OF THE BUTTERFLY vocabulary pieces.  It is a good way to develop thematic vocabulary skills and, of course,  practice those new words. In this case, the students will review butterfly life cycle terminology. (My plan is to make more of these for other themes as well.)
Then, I added a twist to this game and
came up with a ROLL, SAY, COLOR GAMETiViTY. Let’s have fun while learning, right? Take a look and tell me what you think 🙂
Oh, and make sure to download your freebies.

If you like my new ROLL, SAY, COLOR idea, here are some more freebies from my latest product.

Click on the picture of the Alphabet Roll, Say, Color Gametivity.
This freebie is hidden in the product preview.
So, download the preview to get this freebie 🙂

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Now, HOP along to the  Kinder-Craze blog by Maria Monroe for more freebie fun!

Valentine’s Day Ideas

 I wanted to create something that would incorporate conversation hearts. I thought of a few things, but then I saw these wooden beads at WalMart. I knew that I could create something with them. So, I came up with the messages idea.  I created 16 cards with conversation heart messages. I included a few ideas on how to use these cards. But, the main objective would be to create a Valentine Bracelet that can be exchanged with a friend, given to mom or grandma as a gift, or keep as their own. 
If you have beads, you can make this.
If not, you can make this:
Using these in the pocket chart:

Or these premade templates:
Or these blank hearts to write your own messages.

Simple and Sweet for your little ones on Valentine’s Day. Just click on this Valentine’s Day cover to get your freebie 🙂

And just because you are here TODAY, you will also get my new heart borders FREE –Today ONLY 🙂
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Oh, and these are a regular freebie 🙂

Free RED Printables

Do you teach color songs? I LOVE how simple and catchy they are. These songs are a good way to learn about colors and color words. It’s always fun to hear students sing-along and spell these words.

Other simple activities that you can incorporate into your lesson are:

1- Sing a color song
2- Play I Spy
3- Play color bingo
4- Create a collage of pictures that are red
5- Make a collection of things that are red
6- Read books such as Clifford the Big Red Dog
7- Sort objects by color
8- Read and write simple sentences about the color red

Here’s a color song about red.

Here are some free printables to help your students learn about the color red.

Free Penguin Printables for Reading and Math

As students return from winter break, we will see that some will need a lot of review of basic skills. First, I created a packet that you can use for introducing penguins. It has your basic Can-Have-Are format. It also includes a small student book that you can use as closure to the theme so that students write what they learned about penguins.

English version
Spanish version
For the review part of it, I made two packets. One is a Read it. Color it. Write it. packet. Students will be able to review sight words, color words, pointing while reading with one-to-one correspondence, return sweep, etc. After they read the sentence. they will color the penguin by using the color mentioned in the sentence. It is not necessary to color the entire penguin in one single color. They can use white and orange where they normally go, but will replace the black parts of the penguin with the color indicated 🙂  Finally, students will write the sentence on their own.
NOTE: I fixed the page for orange in the English packet. It said “I see a orange penguin.”  I changed it to “I see an orange penguin.” So sorry for that little error.
English version
Spanish version
The third free packet focuses on the numbers 1-10. Students will count the penguins, trace and write the numeral, and finally trace and write the number word on each page. They may color the penguins if time allows. They are all free and provided to you in English and Spanish packets. Just download the ones that suit your needs.
English version
Spanish version
Well, that’s it. I hope that you are able to find these free packets useful 🙂