DIY: Roll A Word Activity

Today, I want to share a Do-it-Yourself center activity. I will include a printable that can be used for making words with -at. This is so simple to make and you can use materials that you already have at home.

Best of all, this is a hands-on activity that your child or students will love to manipulate once you put it together.

Materials needed: colored paper, paper tube, ruler, scissors and tape.
First, you need to measure the width of the paper tube that you are using. Then, you will cut out a long strip according to the width. I did not measure the height for this one.
Next, you will roll the tube into the colored paper and cut out the excess paper. Now, tape it the paper to the tube. It should be a tight fit so that the paper will not come undone easily.
Download this free printable and cut out the letter strips. I have two consonant strips. Simply use one letter strip at a time on your paper tube or make two tubes.
Then, tape the -at strip directly to the paper tube so that it does not move. The letter strips will serve as the beginning sounds.  Assemble these according to the directions on the picture.
 Finally, slip the consonant strips into the tube. It should be loose enough so that children can roll the paper strip around the tube.

You are all set! Use it during guided reading groups or as a center activity. Watch the kids have fun reading!  Options: Students can write each word on a recording sheet or dry-erase board. 
They can even build the words with letter tiles or magnets.

UPDATE: I have included the word families that you requested plus much more. Click on the following picture to get it all.