Self Portrait FREEBIE

I like to plan for self-portraits on the first week of school. They show me each student’s ability when it comes to fine motor skills and attention to detail. A read-aloud is always tied in to this lesson. We talk about things that we will learn in Kindergarten, this year. I also make sure that they understand that everyone CAN learn. It is very important that they believe in themselves and always try their best. Leo the Late Bloomer is a good book to use with this activity.


Here is a free self-portrait template. The download includes two templates in English and two templates in Spanish.


Samples of the Spanish printables. The large face template is a good one to use in a Pre-K classroom on the first day of school. The smaller face template can be used in the Kindergarten classroom where students are able to draw more details.


Back-to-School Books

These are some books that can be used during your Back-to-School unit. I LOVE The Kissing Hand, Froggy Goes to School, Leo the Late Bloomer, and Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom!
Which books do YOU like to read? Are they on this list?

Disney Gift Card GIVEAWAY!!!

This is Vegas week for teachers! I wish that I could have made it out there, but I’m so happy for my blogging friends who are there right now.

About Me

I would like to make use of these slides that were going to be added to the Freebielicious blog booth. Here they are, just so that you will know a little more about me.

Business Cards

I also made some business cards that I was going to take with me. What do you think? The QR codes take you to my store and facebook pages where you will find some freebies. Please follow me there for future freebies 🙂

Giveaway Time: 

You can win the Gift Card of your choice!!! I will choose two winners 🙂

$25 Disney Gift Card

According to the Disney website. This gift card may be used at any Disney Resort or Disney store. Please check the site to make sure that I understood it correctly.

$25 Oriental Trading Company Gift Card

I have worked with this company and love everything that they have to offer. Have you seen their classroom resources? Hopefully you will win this gift card and order a few things!

Enter here!

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Winners Announcement:

Congratulations to Danielle Faerber and Rachel Wille! You won this Gift Card Giveaway. Please leave a comment below to let me know which gift card you prefer. I will send your prize to the email that you used when you entered:)

Memorial Day Blog Hop

I am happy to team up with some blogging friends to bring you some Memorial Day fun this weekend. We have a few freebies to share with you and hope that you join us in this blog hop.  
This weekend you will be able to get a free sample of my Ocean Animals journal pack. If you have been following me, you know that these journals are differentiated. My complete packs include 3 versions of each journal prompt. They meet the needs of students who are at different writing levels.  It’s part of a much bigger product.  If you like it, I have a Memorial Day sale going on this weekend in my TPT store. Make sure to follow me there for future resources 🙂
You can also see and read about my August to May journals HERE.

Memorial Day Weekend Freebies

Click on these pictures to get your free journal samplers. They are available in English and Spanish. Enjoy!

Blog Hop

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Mother’s Day Craftivity

Mother’s Day is such a fun holiday. It’s the one special day when we can show our moms how much they are appreciated and loved. This is the perfect time to incorporate some writing activities that can be turned into a keepsake.
I created a Mother’s Day craftivity back in 2012. I finally updated it and added many more pages. There are now two booklets in this download. You can use both student books or choose one to use with this mom craft. 
The sample below shows the mom holding a tablet student book. There are 14 writing prompt pages with this booklet. You do not have to use all pages. Just choose your favorite five and add construction paper for the front and back cover before you glue or staple it to the body. Also, Mothers, if you’d like to perhaps start writing with your young ones, but perhaps take a more matured approach, you may be interested in how to write a book or some other creative writing outlet for yourself to enjoy alongside your child.

The other student book allows the child to show mom that she is the QUEEN at everything that she does. It’s always fun to see how students finish the student prompts. I also love the illustrations that students add to their pages. This book includes 2 cover page options and 10 writing pages.
If you already own this packet, please download it again free of charge.
Download this Mother’s Day activity in English here.

End of the Year Party Ideas 2

Are you looking for end of the year party ideas? Since I have been creating some alphabet booklets, I decided to go with an alphabet party theme. This is a fun theme for a Preschool or Kindergarten classroom. It turned out so colorful with some items from Oriental Trading and magnetic letters placed around the table.
You do not have to label every item in the party. I just chose a few items for the main table. Take a look below.

Aa is for apples.

Bb is for bananas.

Bb is for beach ball. 

These beach balls can be used as student gifts and for decoration.

Cc is for cupcakes.

Cc is for cups.
Dd is for drinks.

Ss is for spoons.

Pp is for popcorn.

Jj is for juice.

Gg is for gifts.

Books are the traditional end of the year gift. Just order from Scholastic throughout the year. 

Dd is for diplomas. 

You could also do Cc for certificates. Instead of laminating the diplomas, you can slide them into these Dry-Erase Sleeves.
This is how colorful the main party table looks. I Love the Bright Colorful Buckets and they are much bigger than I expected. It gives it a ready for Summer feeling. 
Their oversized Easy Clean Flat Trays were perfect for some of our food displays. 

This Colorful Commencement Table Cover completes the look. It’s so pretty!

I spelled the word congrats with their Alphabet Stamps. This would probably make a good background for student pictures!

Here are couple of more pictures of the graduation party table. I love it!

End of the Year/ Graduation Gift Ideas

I loved teaming up with Oriental Trading. They provided the samples free of charge for an honest review. I can tell you that I LOVE everything that I received in this box. The bright colors are eye-catching and everything that I used was over-sized. I thought that the items were going to be much smaller because each order includes several items, but I was wrong. The buckets are actually deep, the trays are long and wide, the alphabet stampers are big enough for adult hands and the dry erase sleeves are big and sturdy. Ummm… did you know that the package of beach balls includes 12 individually wrapped balls? They are the perfect size… not too big, not too small. What I like best is that I can use the buckets, trays and sleeves  for so many other projects, displays or storage. Love, Love, Love it all!

How to create this theme

What’s in the box?
1- Alphabet Stamps (1 set)
2- Dry Erase Sleeves- Brights (12 per package)
3- Bright Colorful Bucket asst (4 per package)
4- 14″ Cheers Grad Beach Balls (12 per package)
5- Colorful Commencement Table Cover (1)
6- Easy Clean Flat Trays (6 colors per package)

More Ideas and Freebies

1- Visit my other blog post about end of the year ideas. It includes free poems and diplomas.
2- Ring Pop and Popcorn party favor ideas.

Easy Easter Basket

Does your class make baskets for Easter? Try using empty milk jugs. Students can bring them in, or you can ask a local borden milk factory for donations.

Simple Instructions

1. Cut the top front of the container to create an opening. Do not cut the handle so that students can carry it easily.
2. Use construction paper to add the eyes, nose and ears.
3. Use one pipe cleaner. Cut it in half. Bend each piece in half to get the small whiskers.

Meaningful Egg hunt

In the plastic eggs, include a sight word, cvc word or any word with a learned spelling pattern.  After the egg hunt, tell students that they need to go through their easter eggs to find the “magic” word (one of your choice). Whoever has the egg with the target word will receive a small prize, like a special sticker.

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Easy Dry Erase Boards

Welcome to Kinder Alphabet

Today, we are sharing some bright ideas that may be useful in your classroom.

Dry Erase Boards

We love to use dry erase whiteboards in the classroom. The problem is that they are too heavy for students to pass out. Sometimes you can still see old ink that is hard to remove.
Here’s an idea. You can use plastic plates or frisbees! They are light- weight, colorful and easy to clean.

Use Frisbees

I got frisbees from Walmart. These were $1 for each one. Students can write on the back side. You can use them during language arts or math. For extra fun, do not clean them right away. Take them out to recess and have students play with them. The person who catches the frisbee gets to read a word that is written on it. You can plan it to where they get to practice their spelling words, cvc words, sight words, etc. If this is something you are interested in trying you might want to check out somewhere similar to Promotion Choice frisbees.

Neon Markers

I tried several brands of dry erase markers. I found that the neon dry erase markers were very easy to wipe off, even after 48 hours.

Use Plastic Plates

You can also use plastic plates as dry erase boards. You can get them at the dollar store at about 4 for a dollar. These are cheaper, but not as easy to clean as the frisbees. The frisbees only required one stroke to wipe the ink off. The plates smeared first and then wiped off better the second or third time.

Easy to Use

I love them! They are very easy to use 🙂

Stack Them Up

These plastic frisbees and plates are very light weight. A student helper can collect them from the other students quicker than the traditional wood boards. That’s it. Just find a place to store them and stack them up.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope that you enjoyed this idea.

If you are looking for more bright ideas, please continue this blog hop. Susanna from Whimsy Workshop Teaching has some QUICK DAILY MATH IDEAS that you might like.
Whimsy Workshop Teaching
Alternatively, you may visit the link-up below and choose a topic that interests you. Thanks for visiting!

Phonics Fonts for Teachers Update

I added 16 new fonts to my Phonics Fonts collection. These fonts are real time-savers that help me be much more productive. They are great for Making Words printables and activities.

The new update includes:
1. Box Dash- These are useful for scrambling letters to create words. Students simply cut around the dashed lines and paste the letters in order to build a word.
2. Letter Shape Boxes- If you have a picture of a CVC word on a worksheet, just write the corresponding word under it using this font. Students will label the picture by using the shape letter boxes as clues. Is it a tall letter? Is it a short letter? Does the letter go under the baseline? The boxes are separated to focus on the individual letters in a word.
3. Letter Shape Boxes Touching- Same as above, but the letters are connected to focus on the word as a whole.
4. Letter Dots- This font allows children to see the individual letters that make up a word.

5. The shape fonts are thematic by month. You will not need to insert text boxes over clip art anymore. Just use these holiday fonts to add some fun to your thematic phonics activities.
These are the first fonts that I uploaded. You can read my post about them here.
And here’s a closer look at the individual fonts.






Added March 9,  2014










Get all these teacher fonts in one single download.

FREE Winter Sports Newsletter Template

The Olympics 2014 are in Sochi this year. It’s so exciting to see the different sports and countries that are represented.  I love to watch the figure skating competition.  Considering that the Olympics will be on until the end of February, I added a request from a sweet follower. So, if you are looking for a Winter Sports newsletter theme, you can download this one for free. It includes 3 newsletters to choose from. Just print and add your information. It’s available in Spanish too.

Valentine’s Day Card Messages

Valentine’s Day is just two days away! Are you still looking for valentine card ideas?  I hope that you like these. I used a 3.5in. scallop puncher from Fiskars and neon card stock to make the flower frames. You can make a 2.5 inch circle in your document and add your preferred message. Take a look 🙂
valentine's day ruler message card
valentine's day glue message card