Picture Prompts For Young Learners

Picture prompts work wonders when trying to get a little one to talk. It gets them focused and allows them to place their thoughts in order.  This is especially true when the picture cues are relevant and the kids can make connections to their own lives.

I have come up with picture prompts that you can use with young learners.  The little ones will be able to engage in discussions about the topic. Advanced writers will be able to write their responses. I hope that you enjoy this activity.  Just click on the first picture to download the free printables.

I am linking up with The Diary of a Not so Wimpy Teacher blog and Classroom Magic.  Go visit them for more picture prompts. They also have a pinterest board with all of these in one easy location.


  1. Thanks for linking up! I added you to the Writing Prompt Pinterest board! Feel free to pin your writing prompts to this board and also cehck out the many prompts that have been posted!


  2. Jana says

    These are fantastic! I have been looking for ways to help my preschool teachers and this is exactly what we have been looking for.

    Thinking Out Loud

  3. Thank you, Ms. Wainwright!

    These prompts have been pinned to your board:)


  4. Awww, thank you Jana! I am so glad that your teachers can use these:)


  5. Hi there,
    Picture prompts are great, I am your newest follower and just found you. Come by and visit me too – I teach first grade.
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

  6. Welcome, Vicky! I'm on my way to your blog:)