Snowman Craft with Glue Paint

We made a very cute snowman craft with glue paint. I am so glad that we took the time for it because it was sooo much fun! Since these low temperatures are not bringing us any snow, we might as well make our own snowmen. We have alway painted them with regular school paint. But, this time we made our own glue paint. Have you heard of such a thing? The idea is to make your own paint that will turn out white and puffy. It’s so easy and fun!


You need to have some materials ready before you even start the project. Some will be used, others might not be used. Here’s what we have…
*shaving cream
*construction paper
*pre-cut black hats
*pre-cut black eyes
*pre-cute orange nose
*ribbon for scarf
*cotton swabs

Mixture for Glue Paint:

We used 1/2 cup of shaving cream and just poured quite a bit of glue on top of it. Then, we mixed it. This part was fun!

Draw it!

Use a white crayon to draw an outline of a snowman. This will help the little ones see where they need to paint to create a snowman.

Paint it!

Now, the fun begins again. Get that paintbrush out and start painting inside the snowman shape. We found that it was easier to pour spoonfuls of glue to spread it easier. We had some cotton swabs ready to add snow dots, but he paintbrush worked just fine.

Decorate it!

After all the painting parts have been done, you will be ready to decorate it. The painting will start looking more and more like a snowman with each decoration added.

First, add some glitter for a touch of winter shimmer. It truly makes the snowman look magical 🙂

 Now add the hat, the eyes and the nose. Yeah! There’s that snowman that we have been waiting for 🙂

 Don’t forget the buttons.

 And the scarf.

 Oh, wait. Here are the stick arms and the mouth too.

 And, voila! The snowman is finally done.

The puffiness of the glue paint adds that extra touch to make it look a bit more real. Isn’t it beautiful? We love it!

This was a great idea from My Merry Messy Life. See how they used this snow paint.

Reindeer Noses and Snowman Poop

Are you looking for a quick and fun snack for Christmas? You can make reindeer noses or snowman poop! They are very simple to make and you can even buy the materials at a dollar store.

Reindeer Noses:

1-  Reindeer Noses Printable
2- Whoppers
3- Cherry Sours or red gumballs
4- Baggies
5- Glue
6- Stapler
How to make:
1-  Print the reindeer noses printable
2- Glue it to a 7″ by 3″ construction paper
3- Add some whoppers to a baggie
4- Add one cherry sour to the baggie
5- Staple the topper to the baggie

Snowman Poop

1- Snowman Poop printable
2- Marshmallows
3- Baggie
4- Glue
5- Stapler
How to make:
1- Print the snowman poop printable
2-Glue it to a 7″ by 3″ construction paper
3- Add marshmallows to the baggie
4- Staple the snowman poop topper to the baggie

Here are the free printables for reindeer noses and snowman poop toppers.

Christmas Ornaments

It’s so easy to get in the Christmas spirit with these bead ornaments. They are so simple to make. 

Supplies needed:
1-  Pipe cleaners
2- Beads
3- Scissors
1- Have a Christmas ornament in mind.
2- Cut a long pipe cleaner in half.
3- Choose the color beads that correspond with your ornament.
4- Fill the pipe cleaner with beads.
5- Mold the pipe cleaner into the desired shape. 
Candy cane ornament: Students can work on math skills by creating colorful patterns with the beads.

Star: Tie the ends of the pipe cleaner before you mold it into a star shape.

Christmas tree: We used a long pipe cleaner for this one. It gave us enough room to make the bottom of the tree.

Wreath: Students can make a pattern with the colorful beads.

Icicles: Just bend the pipe cleaner to create the shape.

Have fun!

How to Make a Snowflake

The weather has been a little crazy lately. Some days were very cold, windy and rainy. We did have a little ice on the roads and schools started 2 hours late. 
This is the perfect time to make our very own snowflakes. 
It’s actually very simple and quick to make. Here are some detailed pictures to this cute snowflake craft.

Materials needed:

1- Beads

2- Two pipe cleaners


1- Take one long pipe cleaner.

Fold it in half and cut it into two small pieces.

2-  Take the second pipe cleaner and cut it just a little bit longer so that you can make a loop at the top.

3-  Take the two small pieces and lay them like this.
4-   Take the longer piece and lay it straight down the middle, like this.
5-   Remember the left over piece? Lay it on top of all the other pipe cleaners.

 And wrap it around them, like this.

 6-  The snowflake shape is done. It’s time to decorate it.  Simply slide each bead into the pipe cleaners. The more you use, the more colorful it will be 🙂

7-   Here’s the finished snowflake craft.
8-   Now, you can put it on a window as a sun catcher.

Or, decorate your Christmas tree.

Have fun creating your own snowflake with beads:)

FREE Letter to Santa Templates

Children always look forward to writing a letter to Santa. This is when you see students trying their BEST to write neatly and make sure that everything is spelled correctly. Writing a letter to Santa lends itself to learning about the parts of a letter (greeting, closing, body and date).

Here are 2 free templates that you can use.

One template has space available for a drawing at the top of the letter.
This other template just has the writing lines. It can be used by advanced writers who write longer sentences with details.
Also available in Spanish.


Santa Craft Tutorial

December is such a fun month. One activity that the children like to do for Christmas is a paper santa. Here are some very detailed instructions with lots of pictures 🙂
Prepare the materials:
1- Cut an oval for the head. We usually use white construction paper. But, I saw it done with pink on pinterest, and I liked it. Just fold the paper in half (like a hamburger). We only use one side of the paper per student. This means that you can get 2 ovals for 2 students from one sheet of construction paper.
2- Fold red construction paper in half again (like a hamburger) to cut the triangle shape for the hat. We make it wider on the bottom part so that we can add cotton balls in that space.
3- Take out those fun wiggle eyes. Another option is to cut small circles in either black, brown, green, or blue.
4- You can’t tell in this picture, but we cut the white strips by using the long side of the paper.
Put it together:
1- Glue the hat to the front of the circle. 
2- Add the wiggle eyes.
3- Add the paper nose.
4- Glue a cotton ball to the top of the Santa hat.
5- Add glue to the bottom part of the hat.
6- Add the cotton balls.
7- Glue the long strips of white construction paper along the bottom part of the circle.
8- Start curling the beard. We had started curling the beard with a marker, but the loops were too big.
Then, we decided to use a pencil to make smaller and tighter loops.
9- The pencil shape made Santa’s curly beard 🙂
10- You can add cotton eyebrows.
11- Or, a cotton mustache (or both). You can even fold the tip of the hat at an angle if you want.
12- Finally, you can add string to the top of the hat to hang it on the tree. It makes a good keepsake 🙂


FREE Christmas Printables

Hi! I’m just popping in to share these Gingerbread Man printables.  Students will be able to identify the characters of the story while practicing some fun word work activities.

If you are working on some Christmas printables or projects, you might like this free Santa. Just right click on the image and save it to your computer.

Christmas in July Giveaway Winner Announcement

Winner Announcement

We have a winner 🙂 

Thank you all for participating. This giveaway was so much fun.  Tracie Davis is the winner of the Paper Pro Easy Punch. I will contact you soon for delivery details.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Where can I find the Paper Pro Easy Punch?

I found mine at Office Depot. It’s very light. You will have no trouble carrying it in your purse for those take-home projects.

Who won the bundles?

Head on over to Freebielicious to see who won the bundles. I hope it was you. Good luck!


Magic Reindeer Food Freebie

How about adding a little more magic to this Christmas season? I love making Magic Reindeer Food. It is very simple to make and the kids have a lot of fun adding reindeer food and sprinkles to the yard in anticipation for the arrival of Santa and his reindeer. 
You will need:
1. Any type of oats.
2. Glitter in your favorite color.
3. Ribbon.
4. Sandwich bags.
5. Scissors to cut the labels out.
6. Stapler or Tape.
7. Hole puncher.
8. Measuring cup if you have one.
9. Magic Reindeer Label.
How to make it:
1. Give a sandwich bag to each student.
2. Use a measuring cup to add a cup of oats.
3. Choose your favorite color of glitter. Add a dash, or more to the bag.
4. Staple or tape the “Magic Reindeer Food” label to the front of the bag.
5. Hole punch the top or side of the label.
6. Add a small piece of ribbon to finish it off.
That’s it! We already put our “Magic Reindeer Food” under the Christmas tree at home.
The kids will sprinkle it in our front yard on Christmas Eve before they go to bed.
All we will have to do is wait for Santa and those reindeer to arrive.
The reindeer will enjoy eating some oats while Santa eats some cookies by the Christmas tree 🙂
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Shopping for Kids- Ideas

Have you seen all of the cute toys that are out for Christmas? I have not done my Christmas shopping yet!! I usually get it done early, but not this year.:o I have many nephews and nieces. Our family keeps growing and growing every year. One year, we asked the kids for a Christmas Wish List. Ha, ha, what were we thinking? So many kids, so many requests. Well, we did ask… right? Anyway, I have looked around and have not made any decisions yet. I really, really need to get it done soon. Today, I just want to show you some of the toys that caught my eye.