How to Make Snow

Making snow is so much fun!

How to make SNOW

You only need TWO ingredients.
1. Baking Soda
2. White Conditioner
You just have to play around with the amounts. First, we poured out some baking soda into a round pan. Then, we added a little conditioner at a time. Too much conditioner will make your snow look like whipped cream.

Describe the snow

As the student begins to mix the ingredients, they can describe how it feels. Some words that you might hear are soft, cold, powdery and sticky. This diy SNOW feels sticky when you are mixing the conditioner into the baking soda. Your fingers will be a little sticky so make sure to wash hands with water and soap when you are done.

Beginning Sounds

We had fun naming and adding things that begin with the letter Ss.
Ss is for snow.
Ss is for snowflake.
Ss is for stocking.
Ss is for star.
Ss is for sparkle.We added colorful glitter to make the snow sparkle.
Ss is for snowball.
Ss is for snowman.

How to make snowballs

We finally made snowballs by grabbing a handful of snow and shaping it into a ball. It was so easy. 
Now, you are ready to make a snowman with this diy snow. Make the snowballs and add a hat, eyes, nose and a mouth. So much fun!