Reading Log

Reading logs are a great way to hold students accountable for their reading.  Students who read daily are able to improve fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

I made this monthly reading log that can be used by young readers. The teacher can circle the month before she makes class copies.  Students simply write the title of the book that was read each day.  Now, remember that early readers love to read the same book more than once.  There is no need to require Pre-K and Kindergarten students to read a different book each day.  The important thing is that they read for the fun of reading.

Some schools do not allow these younger students to take home books from the library and many parents do not have books at home.  This is why I love making class books. Many of them are predictable and thematic.

You can give each student a folder that can hold the reading log and a class book to take home. Just have fun and make it easy:)


Lidia R. Barbosa