Valentine’s Day Heart Craft

How to make a stained glass heart

1.  Fold construction paper in half. Trace half a heart with a half inch border and cut.

2. Open your heart cut-out.

3. Find your favorite color of tissue paper and cut them into small squares.


4. Cut a square of clear laminate. You need just enough to cover the heart shape.

5. Place heart on top of the sticky side of the laminate. Start sticking the colored tissue paper inside the shape.




6. When you finish decorating your valentine heart, cut around the shape. A good tip to remember is to cut a little bit outside the edge, just enough to keep your scissors moving. If you would like a sturdier craft, you could add laminate to the opposite side of the heart before you start cutting.

7. Tape your valentine heart craft to a window and enjoy the sunlight shining through those beautiful pieces of colored paper.


Materials Needed:

  • Colored Construction Paper
  • Pencil to draw half heart
  • Scissors
  • Clear laminate
  • Colored Tissue Paper


Student Drop Off Sign

Display this student drop-off sign outside of your classroom door or at the entrance of your hallway. It will help students and parents establish an arrival routine. It will also help students become independent and responsible little learners. If your school’s hallways are over-crowded at arrival time, that will create a safety hazard that may be against the district’s fire code rules.

If this is something that you can use, you can download it from my Kinder Alphabet store. This file includes a FREE copy in Spanish. This file includes a FREE Spanish copy 🙂

student drop off sign by lidia barbosa2

Kindergarten “I can” Common Core Posters

The Kindergarten “I can” Common Core Posters are a great way to display the learning objectives in your classroom. My original “I can” posters have been updated with new graphics and labeled as the “STRIPES” edition. If you own a copy, make sure to go back and download the new file. I also uploaded the BUNDLE of language arts and math posters in my shop.

The STRIPES edition of the Kindergarten Common Core Standards

This file has been updated with matching backgrounds for a more consistent look. Each language arts category is represented by a different graphic and background. There are very few math posters, so they all have the same background and graphic. Click on this cover to take a closer look.

Kindergarten I can Common Core Posters stripes


The Polka Dots edition of the Kindergarten Common Core Standards

I had a request for these posters in primary colors. This document has an entire new set of graphics and backgrounds. It also includes the Language Arts and Math standards. Click on the picture to take a closer look.

Kindergarten I can Common Core Posters polka


The PHOTOS edition of the Kindergarten Common Core Standards

This edition of the posters includes photos of real kids dressed as a super hero. This will help students relate to the posters. This file only includes the kid graphic and no background so that you may save ink. It gives us a more simple and clean look that can also be printed in black and white or gray scale. Click on the picture to take a closer look.


Kindergarten I can Common Core Posters photo


Kindergarten Common Core Standards included are:

*Kindergarten: Reading Literature

*Kindergarten: Reading Informational Text

*Kindergarten: Foundational Skills

*Kindergarten: Writing

*Kindergarten: Speaking and Listening

*Kindergarten: Language

*Kindergarten: Counting and Cardinality

*Kindergarten: Operations and Algebraic Thinking

*Kindergarten: Numbers and Operations in Base Ten

*Kindergarten: Measurement and Data

*Kindergarten: Geometry




Homework Folder {FREEBIE}

For those of you who are asking about my homework folder. Here it is again. These are some of the things that I add to it.

1-Name tag: Use it to label your students’ plastic folders. You can add student name, teacher name, student picture, form of transportation (bus #), lunch # or whatever you need.
2-Alphabet Chart -Students can use it to practice their alphabet or during homework writing activities.
3-Basic Skills Chart– This one works well for reviewing colors, numbers and shapes.
4-100’s Chart– I color coded the 5’s and 10’s. Students can practice counting by ones, fives or tens with this chart.


Get the homework folder in English by clicking on the picture.
alphabet chart

Get the Spanish homework folder here.

Here is another freebie that you might like.

Get the English file by clicking on the picture.

Get the Spanish school forms file here.