Trick and Treat for Teachers

Are you ready for a Trick and Treat? 

I have teamed up with my Freebielicious friends to share some teaching tricks and special free treats for you!  

Teaching Trick/ Tip

Do your students ever forget to bring their backpacks to school? Sometimes we have many papers to send home and a student might not have a backpack on that day. It’s very difficult for little kids to carry papers during dismissal. Students will drop their papers on the floor a few times while walking down the hallway. A very simple trick is to keep a box of those large plastic baggies in the classroom. You will simply place the student’s papers and books in the baggie. Don’t forget to add a label with the student’s name, in case he drops that too 🙂

Teacher Treat (Freebie)

Here’s a free Halloween reader. It will help take the students’ fears away about certain little personalities that are part of Halloween stories, pictures, themes, etc.

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Short Vowels Clip Art with CVC Word Patterns

I have been a little busy with a clip art request from some sweet blogging friends. We were in need of graphics for short vowels. I came up with a list of words that follow a CVC pattern. Now, we do not have to spend hours online searching for short vowels clip art AND having to credit so many sources in a single product. I hope that these work for your phonics creations. I am working on another set. I will post it as soon as I finish. These graphics are available in individual packets and in a bundle. I added a freebie at the bottom of this post. If you like it, make sure to download it:)

Here is a freebie for you. Just right click and save it to your computer 🙂
You can read my terms of use here.

Treats for Our Sweets

Welcome to Kinder Alphabet. I hope that you are having a lot of fun finding goodies along the way. Teachers need some treats too, right? As you can see, some teacher friends and I have teamed up to bring you many Sweet Treats. Make sure to visit every blog for your freebies.
I have some Thanksgiving Printables to get you ready for November. I hope that you enjoy them!
You can get the Spanish Thanksgiving Printables here.
Happy Halloween!
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Fall Time!

Halloween decorations were in stores way before the school supplies were up.  Well, today is finally the first day of Fall. So, how about some thematic activities for this time of the year?
1. Roll, Say, Keep!
 I made this Halloween Roll, Say, Keep game to help my son practice identifying numbers 1-20. He is loving dice games right now and this activity is just perfect for him.

2. Five Little Pumpkins
I also made a poster for the Five Little Pumpkins. This song provides the perfect opportunity to teach about ordinal numbers. Your students can act out this fun song too. Simply have them decorate a paper pumpkin and attach yarn long enough to have it hang around the student’s neck.  Then, choose five student pumpkins at a time to act out the song while the rest of the class chants the words. 


3 Ways to Read Poster

Free Reading posters. 
Three Ways to Read:
1. Look at the pictures.
2. Look at the words.
3. Retell the story.
I can…
read alone.
read with a friend.
read with a teacher.

Homework Folder {FREEBIE}

For those of you who are asking about my homework folder. Here it is again. These are some of the things that I add to it.

1-Name tag: Use it to label your students’ plastic folders. You can add student name, teacher name, student picture, form of transportation (bus #), lunch # or whatever you need.
2-Alphabet Chart -Students can use it to practice their alphabet or during homework writing activities.
3-Basic Skills Chart– This one works well for reviewing colors, numbers and shapes.
4-100’s Chart– I color coded the 5’s and 10’s. Students can practice counting by ones, fives or tens with this chart.


Get the homework folder in English by clicking on the picture.
alphabet chart

Get the Spanish homework folder here.

Here is another freebie that you might like.

Get the English file by clicking on the picture.

Get the Spanish school forms file here.


Alphabet Songs

I have seen these Alphabet songs a lot lately. They are very interactive and catchy. These video songs help students learn letter names, sounds, words and practice letter formation. Many teachers have not been able to use this wonderful resource because districts block the use of You Tube videos in the classroom.

I was happy to come across Little Miss Kindergarten’s blog post this week. Apparently, you win the entire set of the alphabet videos by simply blogging about it. This giveaway ends on May 31st, 2012. After you blog about it, they will send you the videos as a download. This will make it very easy to store on a USB to use in your classroom. That is exactly what Little Miss Kindergarten plans to do and you can too.

Click here to get the details and get your free videos before this giveaway ends:)

Reading Response Bookmarks

Ok. So my daughter is in 5th grade. Year after year she comes home with her Reading Log which I have to sign every day.

From first to second grade, she was only responsible for the following:

1- Read any book of your choice.
2- Write the title of the book in the reading log.
3- Parent signs the reading log every day.

Here is a free reading log. 

In fourth grade:

1- Read any book of your choice.
2- Read out loud for 20 minutes.
3- Choose a reader’s response question prompt to write about your reading.
4- Parent signature.

In fifth grade:

1- Select a chapter book.
2- Read at least 20 minutes a day.
3- Write the title of your book in your reading log.
4- Write page numbers that were read.
5- Write a brief summary about your reading.
6- Student signature
7- Parent signature
8- Write the number of AR points acquired that week.

My daughter loves to read. She carries a book wherever she goes, but to the grocery store? How can you read while walking around shopping for groceries? Well, I am sure that a lot of people can read while walking. Not me:) She even reads in the car. How does she do that? I get car sick when I try that 🙂
I am so glad that Daisy enjoying reading that much.

One day, I was buying her little reading light and a fancy little bookmark. Sometimes she does not even use that cute bookmark because she does not want to misplace it. So, she uses little pieces of paper and has to keep flipping through the pages to find her place when trying to do a reader’s response entry.

Hmmm. I think that her paper bookmark can serve a better purpose. So, I came up with the idea of Reader’s Response Bookmarks earlier this year. I am thinking that the younger readers might be able to illustrate their responses. Older readers can write and/or illustrate as space permits according to the length of the response. I am thinking that these are best suited for 2nd to 5th grade.

This book has 72 Reader’s Response Bookmarks which include graphic organizers and vocabulary development skills.

Here is a freebie for you. I hope that you like it.

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Teacher Appreciation Jackpot

Update: (May 7, 2012) The Teacher Appreciation Jackpot event is over. I hope that everyone was able to download all the goodies yesterday.  
Revised with new info and link up on May 3rd  May 5th at 11:30 pm.

Teacher Appreciation Day is here!

My Freebie for you is my Kinder Memories student book in English. You can also get it in Spanish from my KinderLatino blog which is also listed on the linky party.
Download it now and then come back to the linky listed on the bottom to hop to other blogs for more freebies.

Would you like about $500 in freebies?  I am happy to participate in the Teacher Appreciation Jackpot this year. You will not want to miss out. Over 125 teacher bloggers have come together to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day in a big way. We will all donate a product from our TPT stores that will range between $3 to $8. We have been told that it is estimated be over $500 in freebies for you. We will have a total Jackpot amount later this week. We just want to show our appreciation for teachers in a big way where everyone wins! Plus if the teachers want to take part in another jackpot they can take a look at this article – to see how they can do so! There is no end to the games that can be played for teachers to have a good time and enjoy themselves, they deserve it.
This is a one day event. You will need to be ready on Sunday, May 6 (2012) to collect your freebies. I will post the Pre-K to 2nd grade Jackpot linky blog hop on this blog. 
To keep things organized, we had to divide the event into three categories according to grade level. Each will be coordinated by the bloggers mentioned below. If you are looking for a different grade, just click on the corresponding link to take you there.
These are the categories and the person organizing each one:
Come back often between now and then to learn more details that will lead up to the Jackpot day!

New information:

Teachers Pay Teachers has announced that they will be having a Teacher Appreciation Sale from May 6- 8th as seen on the purple button below. Many bloggers will be participating in this sale so make sure that you add items to your wish list and be ready for the event. 

These are the bloggers that are donating items to the Pre-K to Second Grade Category of the Jackpot.


I’m a little leprechaun

Many classrooms will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Here is a fun song that you can use with your little ones. I have included free printables to go along with this song. I also found the song on YouTube and included it in this post for you to enjoy!