Short a sound: freebie

Hi there! I am just stopping by to give you a short a sound freebie. This is a clothespin game for your center.
These are the instructions:
1- Look at the picture.
2- Say the word.
3- Choose the correct vowel that completes the word.
4- Place a clothespin on the correct vowel.

*Option: Instead of using clothespins, you can circle the vowel with a wikki stix or dry erase marker.


♥Valentine’s Day Printables

On a previous post, I shared ideas for books to use for your read alouds. I also had two shared reading chart ideas and printables. Today, I have the rest of the Valentine’s Day printables ready for you. These are just a few more that you can incorporate into your thematic unit.

Calendar Time
We practice pattern skills on the calendar. You can use this one for a simple AB pattern. I usually add the number cards one day at a time. When we have enough cards, the students identify the pattern and each day tell me what is next on the pattern. This calendar uses strawberry and chocolate cupcakes. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Yummy.
Word Bank:
I use a thematic word bank that the students can refer to during centers and writing activities. My word bank includes pictures and words. By the way, we write in our journals every day and this word bank comes in very handy. If you would like my Picture/word cards for this thematic unit, you can find it in my Valentine’s Day Literacy Centers unit. I use the word bank to create center games for beginning sounds, syllables, play dough mats, writing and picture to word concentration games. I think that this is a good way to increase vocabulary and practice on reading skills. Anyway, if you are looking for a word bank list, you can add these words.
Reading Center: Your reading center can include a thematic story, class book or an emergent reader. I like to make my students accountable for their reading. This free printable can be added to your center. Students can read a book and show comprehension skills with this simple activity. You can choose a specific book that you have read previously. Then, draw or copy pictures of what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story. Now, you can place the picture cards in the reading center along with this activity. Students read the book, order the picture cards in the correct place and retell the story accordingly. You can make a printable for each student or make it into a center activity.  Simlply print on card stock and laminate before you place it in the center. You can add magnets to the activity sheet and picture cards and use on a magnetic board or filing cabinet. —Advanced students can definitely write/illustrate their responses on their own printable. Click on the picture to get it.
Writing Center: During whole group instruction you can talk about conversation hearts.– Bring a box of the candy and help students read the messages. Then, students can help you come up with a list of new messages that they would like to see. Write them on a chart tablet. This could be a shared writing activity. Now that the students are familiar with conversation hearts, you can add this activity to your writing center. Students can use the messages that were written on the chart tablet or come up with more new ones. Click on the picture to get this one. 
Math Center: Use this activity to practice on making patterns.
Oh, I almost forgot about the poems. You have to click here to see what I have for you:)
I hope that all of these free printables help you. 
If you happen to need center activities, take a look at my 
Valentine’s Day Literacy Centers unit.
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Love and ♥Hearts♥

February is finally here and love is in the air. I love holidays and thematic units. I like to choose a few thematic books for the week and incorporate the theme into my centers throughout the week. Today, I will give you a couple ideas of which books you can use for your thematic unit. I have also included shared reading samples.

Read Alouds can include these books:

Shared Reading: I usually just choose a poem or make my own predictable sentences to write on a chart tablet or use on a pocket chart. 

Click on each picture above to download your free pocket chart sentences. 
I have free Frebruary calendar pieces to give you on my next post. Make sure to come back and check it out. In the meantime, if you would like my Valentine’s Day Literacy Centers unit, click on the following picture.

100th Day Celebration

     The 100 days of school are so much fun.  
     This is my family project. Parents help students glue 100 small items on a hat. Students get to wear it to school on the 100th day. Here is the letter that I send home. 
     Our fun project of the day is to make a necklace with 100 beads. Students group 10 beads of the same color and put them in the string. Then, they choose a different color and put 10 beads in the string. They continue alternating colors until they have 10 groups of 10.  They take these home at the end of the day to practice counting to 100 by counting each bead on the necklace. 

More ideas for the 100 days of school.
I like to prepare my students for the 100 Club. We practice counting to 100 every day. Those that can count to 100 make it into our 100 Club.  I simply take construction paper and write the words 100 club in the center.  When students are able to count to 100, they autograph it. I also give them a certificate for the 100 Club. Some students make it to the club before December. Many more make it in on the 100 days of school. I also have a 50’s Club. You can find the 100 Club Certificate in my free printables above. 
I incorporate the theme throughout the day. Here are a few ideas. 
1- Calendar time: When we use the 100’s chart for counting, we do 100 toe touches or jumping jacks. You can also do 10 groups of 10 different exercises. (10 toe touches, 10 jumping jacks, etc.)

2- Read Aloud: Read a book about the 100 days of school.

3- Shared reading and writing: I use a large writing tablet to write repetitive sentences. Each student finishes a sentence. For example; “I wish I had 100..” I write the student’s name at the end of each sentence. Then, we have fun reading it all together.

4- Reading Center: There are many emergent readers that you can use. You can find some on Mrs. Meacham’s website. 

5- Writing Center: You can use one of my free printables. These include: * I can write 100 words * If I had $100, I would buy… * My 100 Book

6- Art Center: Students can make a self-portrait of how they will look at 100 years old.

7- Math Center: There are just too many activities to name, but you can use one of my printables. These include using the 100 chart to: * write to 100 by 1′ write to 100 by 2’s * write to 100 by 5’s * write to 100 by 10’s. Also, draw 100 gumballs in the gumball machine. I also use a sentence strip where students practice counting to 100 by 10’s. I choose  a shape from the dye-cut machine and make enough for the entire class. I give a sentence strip and 10 shapes to each student. They write the numbers by 10’s on the shapes and glue them to the sentence strip in correct sequence.

     You can finish the day by releasing 100 balloons in the playground and going back inside to eat a cupcake. If you have enough time, the students can decorate their own. Just give everyone a cupcake on a plate, a bit of frosting, sprinkles and a craft stick. Students use the craft stick to put icing on the cupcake and top it off with sprinkes or an m&m.

This is a sample from my free printables.

Download my FREE activities.
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Holiday Freebies

Well, the holidays are here! Christmas time brings a lot of joy and excitement to everybody. How do you stay on track with teaching while making it fun? Rachel Lynette, from Minds in Bloom, has made this easy for you.  She has compiled a book of holiday freebies from TPT teachers.  There is a little something for every grade level.  50 teachers have contributed freebies to this book. Some of these teachers include Laura Candler, The Organized Classroom Blog and Deanna Jump. If you are looking for a freebie from me,♥make sure that you make it to the end of her book.  She has also included an extra surprise right there, at the end:) Click on the picture to grab your freebies.

♥ Lidia R. Barbosa
Kid’s Reading Activities