Homework Folder {FREEBIE}

For those of you who are asking about my homework folder. Here it is again. These are some of the things that I add to it.

1-Name tag: Use it to label your students’ plastic folders. You can add student name, teacher name, student picture, form of transportation (bus #), lunch # or whatever you need.
2-Alphabet Chart -Students can use it to practice their alphabet or during homework writing activities.
3-Basic Skills Chart– This one works well for reviewing colors, numbers and shapes.
4-100’s Chart– I color coded the 5’s and 10’s. Students can practice counting by ones, fives or tens with this chart.


Get the homework folder in English by clicking on the picture.
alphabet chart

Get the Spanish homework folder here.

Here is another freebie that you might like.

Get the English file by clicking on the picture.

Get the Spanish school forms file here.