Cinco de Mayo Taco Craft

Here’s a fun build-a-taco craft for Cinco de Mayo. Just print on colored paper or let students color them in. I have included eyes for fun but your students can add different mouth expressions. These would look very cute on your bulletin board. You can teach them the Spanish words of each ingredient.

Taco is taco.

Meat is carne.

Lettuce is lechuga.

Cheese is queso.

Tomato is tomate.

Tortilla is tortilla.

Hope you like it! Here’s a sample video of this craft.



Cinco de Mayo Thematic Reader

We have added easy thematic readers for Cinco de Mayo. Here’s a sample of one booklet. The download includes this featured Cinco de Mayo reader. The other titles included are Piñata Fun and The Mexican Flag. You will also find FREE Spanish copies in this packet.

Here’s a video to sample one of the books.

Find the Cinco de Mayo printables here.


Cinco de mayo Printables

This is Cinco de mayo week. I created some word work printables that will help your students build thematic vocabulary. These activities can be used in your learning centers. You can also choose target words for small group work. This word work excercise will help your students review phonics skills, match picture to word, sentence writing and spelling.

This download includes 3 versions:

  1. English directions with English words.
  2. English directions with Spanish words.
  3. Free Spanish directions with Spanish words.

Cinco de mayo Printables

These printables include the following activities:

1. Trace the word.

2. Color the word using rainbow colors.

3. Count the syllables in the word.

4. Find the consonants in the word.

5. Find the vowels in the word.

6. Find the matching picture.

7. Use the word in a sentence.

8. Build the word.

Cinco de mayo Vocabulary Words in English are:

  • Mexico
  • piñata
  • shakers
  • musician
  • taco
  • nachos
  • pepper
  • hat
  • donkey
  • guitar
  • cactus
  • flag
  • snake
  • blanket

Cinco de mayo Spanish vocabulary words are:

  • México
  • piñata
  • maracas
  • mariachi
  • taco
  • nachos
  • jalapeño
  • sombrero
  • burro
  • guitarra
  • cactus
  • bandera
  • serpiente
  • sarape

You can download the Cinco de mayo Word Work printable here