St. Patrick’s Day Clipart

Do you need some St. Patrick’s Day clipart for your activities? I have some rainbows, shamrocks and pots of gold that you might like.

St. Patrick’s Day Clipart

This set of clipart includes colorful rainbows with clouds and pots of gold. Some are full size and others are half a rainbow. You will love the colorful shamrocks in different pattern choices too.

FREE Pots of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day

These pots of gold include solid colors and one fun pot in a combination of colors. I also included the black and white image.

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

Do you need some craftivities for St. Patrick’s Day? I have some very cute crafts with writing prompts that you might like.

St. Patrick’s Day Mouse

This leprechaun mouse is so adorable. It includes all the patterns and writing prompt pages. You can choose a single prompt to place on the craft, or you can use all the prompts to make a little booklet. You can copy on colored paper, construction paper or cardstock. I prefer to use cardstock for durability. I use astrobrights or the 50 paper pkg from Michael’s craft stores (these are only $2 for single color OR multi-color sets).

St. Patrick’s Day Dog

This St. Patrick’s Day craft is for those little dog lovers. It includes all the patterns and writing prompt pages that can be added to any of these cute crafts as a single page or as a booklet.

St. Patrick’s Day Bear

And who doesn’t like bears? This leprechaun craft is the third option in this download. It includes all the patterns and the same writing prompt options as above. These St. Patrick’s Day crafts make beautiful bulletin boards!

Download them today!

If you would like to download the St. Patrick’s Day craftivities, simply click on any of the photos to take you there.  By the way, this resource includes FREE ST. PATRICK’S DAY PROMPTS!!!




George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Crafts

These President’s Day craftivities are so much fun! We made crafts for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

George Washington

This George Washington craft includes all the patterns and an I AM GEORGE WASHINGTON simple reader. The booklet has a cover plus 7 pages of fun facts and illustrations about George Washington. You will also find a FREE Spanish booklet about George Washington in this file. I prefer to use yardstick on all patterns for added firmness and durability. You can also use colored construction paper for the patterns.


Abraham Lincoln

The Abraham Lincoln craft includes and an I AM ABRAHAM LINCOLN simple reader. The booklet includes a cover page plus 7 pages of fun facts and illustrations about Abraham Lincoln. You will also find a FREE Spanish booklet about Abraham Lincoln in this file.

Download the President Crafts Here

Do you like the President’s Day crafts and booklets? If you would like to add these crafts to your centers, make sure to download them here.

President’s Day Clipart

Do you need clipart for George Washington, Abraham Lincoln or American Symbols? I added these three sets to my clipart shop. You can use them for your President’s Day or Memorial Day units. Hope you like them.


George Washington Clipart

The George Washington clipart set includes 12 graphics in color and 12 graphics in black and white.

*Quarter with image of George Washington

*One dollar bill with image of George Washington

*The Washington Monument

*American Flag with 13 stars

*An ax for the cherry tree

*Cherry Tree

*Home of George Washington

*4 images of George Washington

*George Washington word as one image


Abraham Lincoln Clipart

The Abraham Lincoln clipart set includes 13 graphics in color and 13 graphics in black and white (300 dpi)

*Penny with image of Abraham Lincoln

*Five dollar bill with image of Abraham Lincoln

*The Lincoln Memorial

*Liberty Bell



*Log Cabin

*4 images of Abraham Lincoln

*Abraham Lincoln word as one image

*Star Banner


American Symbols Clipart

The American Symbols clipart set includes 8 graphics in color and 7 graphics in black and white (300 dpi)

*Mount Rushmore with clouds and trees

*Bald Eagle

*Red Rose

*American flag

*The White House

*Oak Tree

*Statue of Liberty in teal

*Statue of Liberty with skin color and yellow hair






Valentine Gift Tags for Kids



Valentine gift tags are the perfect way to personalize your Valentine’s Day gifts. They are so easy and fun to make. You can buy the little gifts in the Wal-Mart party section, the Target dollar spot or at the dollar store. Just print on card stock to make your card firm so that it may hold the item of choice. Print your favorite message on card stock and attach the item with washi tape or string.

Materials Needed:

1. Item of choice

2. Card stock to print your message

3. Washi tape or string to hold your item

Take a closer look at each of these Valentine’s Day gift tags/cards.


I hope that you like them!