St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

Do you need some craftivities for St. Patrick’s Day? I have some very cute crafts with writing prompts that you might like.

St. Patrick’s Day Mouse

This leprechaun mouse is so adorable. It includes all the patterns and writing prompt pages. You can choose a single prompt to place on the craft, or you can use all the prompts to make a little booklet. You can copy on colored paper, construction paper or cardstock. I prefer to use cardstock for durability. I use astrobrights or the 50 paper pkg from Michael’s craft stores (these are only $2 for single color OR multi-color sets).

St. Patrick’s Day Dog

This St. Patrick’s Day craft is for those little dog lovers. It includes all the patterns and writing prompt pages that can be added to any of these cute crafts as a single page or as a booklet.

St. Patrick’s Day Bear

And who doesn’t like bears? This leprechaun craft is the third option in this download. It includes all the patterns and the same writing prompt options as above. These St. Patrick’s Day crafts make beautiful bulletin boards!

Download them today!

If you would like to download the St. Patrick’s Day craftivities, simply click on any of the photos to take you there.  By the way, this resource includes FREE ST. PATRICK’S DAY PROMPTS!!!




George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Crafts

These President’s Day craftivities are so much fun! We made crafts for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

George Washington

This George Washington craft includes all the patterns and an I AM GEORGE WASHINGTON simple reader. The booklet has a cover plus 7 pages of fun facts and illustrations about George Washington. You will also find a FREE Spanish booklet about George Washington in this file. I prefer to use yardstick on all patterns for added firmness and durability. You can also use colored construction paper for the patterns.


Abraham Lincoln

The Abraham Lincoln craft includes and an I AM ABRAHAM LINCOLN simple reader. The booklet includes a cover page plus 7 pages of fun facts and illustrations about Abraham Lincoln. You will also find a FREE Spanish booklet about Abraham Lincoln in this file.

Download the President Crafts Here

Do you like the President’s Day crafts and booklets? If you would like to add these crafts to your centers, make sure to download them here.

President’s Day Clipart

Do you need clipart for George Washington, Abraham Lincoln or American Symbols? I added these three sets to my clipart shop. You can use them for your President’s Day or Memorial Day units. Hope you like them.


George Washington Clipart

The George Washington clipart set includes 12 graphics in color and 12 graphics in black and white.

*Quarter with image of George Washington

*One dollar bill with image of George Washington

*The Washington Monument

*American Flag with 13 stars

*An ax for the cherry tree

*Cherry Tree

*Home of George Washington

*4 images of George Washington

*George Washington word as one image


Abraham Lincoln Clipart

The Abraham Lincoln clipart set includes 13 graphics in color and 13 graphics in black and white (300 dpi)

*Penny with image of Abraham Lincoln

*Five dollar bill with image of Abraham Lincoln

*The Lincoln Memorial

*Liberty Bell



*Log Cabin

*4 images of Abraham Lincoln

*Abraham Lincoln word as one image

*Star Banner


American Symbols Clipart

The American Symbols clipart set includes 8 graphics in color and 7 graphics in black and white (300 dpi)

*Mount Rushmore with clouds and trees

*Bald Eagle

*Red Rose

*American flag

*The White House

*Oak Tree

*Statue of Liberty in teal

*Statue of Liberty with skin color and yellow hair






Valentine Gift Tags for Kids



Valentine gift tags are the perfect way to personalize your Valentine’s Day gifts. They are so easy and fun to make. You can buy the little gifts in the Wal-Mart party section, the Target dollar spot or at the dollar store. Just print on card stock to make your card firm so that it may hold the item of choice. Print your favorite message on card stock and attach the item with washi tape or string.

Materials Needed:

1. Item of choice

2. Card stock to print your message

3. Washi tape or string to hold your item

Take a closer look at each of these Valentine’s Day gift tags/cards.


I hope that you like them!

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids


Kids these days often have modern technology to try and keep themselves occupied and busy. Arguably the use of traditional children’s activities such as art and crafts has gone down. However, it can be argued that completing creative projects can be very beneficial for children and even aid their development. These projects don’t have to be limited to the one demonstrated below but could involve learning how to quilt from free quilting patterns, or it could be something as simple ask baking and decorating cupcakes. These small but manageable projects are a great way for children to learn vital life skills and get their creativity flowing, whilst also getting them away from that phone screen. Use these cute valentine crafts in a center or as a station during your Valentine’s Day party. They make adorable bulletin boards and great parent gifts. I used colorful card stock from Michael’s craft store. The packages come in single solid colors or in a variety of colors. There are 50 pages per packet at $2 (regular price)! I love affordable materials for teachers!!!

I Love You When…Mouse Craft

This craft includes all the patterns and a small writing booklet that you can attach on the tummy of the mouse. I use LARGE google eyes but you can use the eye patterns that are included in the file.

I Love You More Than…Cupcake Craft

I love this cupcake craft. It includes the I Love You More Than… label. This is a phrase that we have played around with over the years with our three children. It was the sweetest game when they were younger and learning how to talk. This would make a great parent gift. You can also add a student picture inside the heart!

Be Mine Bear Craft

This is another cute valentine’s day craft that your students will love. I like the color combinations and how the red hearts stand out. It includes the Be Mine label. Isn’t it cute?




Emoji Valentine Bags and Cute Photo Booth

Emoji Valentine Bags

How about using these emoji Valentine bags? They are super cute and your students would have so much fun choosing a face and creating them!

What you need:

1. Small yellow bags from Michael’s craft store

2. Construction paper

3. Glue

4. Scissors


1. Select the emoji faces that you want to provide

2. Cut all those pieces out from colored construction paper

3. Sort all the pieces so that students may have easy acces to their emoji selection

4. Glue the pieces on the bag

5. Allow to  dry

6. Use the emoji party bags to collect Valentine cards

Emoji Photo Booth

Wouldn’t  your students love an emoji photo booth on Valentine’s Day?

All you need is:

1. Paper or fabric background ( I used a twin size sheet)

2. Small emoji party plates ( I used clothespins to attach them to a string)

3. Emoji pillows from Wal-Mart

4. Props on a stick

That’s it. Have fun!

Valentine’s Day Heart Craft

How to make a stained glass heart

1.  Fold construction paper in half. Trace half a heart with a half inch border and cut.

2. Open your heart cut-out.

3. Find your favorite color of tissue paper and cut them into small squares.


4. Cut a square of clear laminate. You need just enough to cover the heart shape.

5. Place heart on top of the sticky side of the laminate. Start sticking the colored tissue paper inside the shape.




6. When you finish decorating your valentine heart, cut around the shape. A good tip to remember is to cut a little bit outside the edge, just enough to keep your scissors moving. If you would like a sturdier craft, you could add laminate to the opposite side of the heart before you start cutting.

7. Tape your valentine heart craft to a window and enjoy the sunlight shining through those beautiful pieces of colored paper.


Materials Needed:

  • Colored Construction Paper
  • Pencil to draw half heart
  • Scissors
  • Clear laminate
  • Colored Tissue Paper


Student Drop Off Sign

Display this student drop-off sign outside of your classroom door or at the entrance of your hallway. It will help students and parents establish an arrival routine. It will also help students become independent and responsible little learners. If your school’s hallways are over-crowded at arrival time, that will create a safety hazard that may be against the district’s fire code rules.

If this is something that you can use, you can download it from my Kinder Alphabet store. This file includes a FREE copy in Spanish. This file includes a FREE Spanish copy 🙂

student drop off sign by lidia barbosa2

Back to School Dinner

Back to School Dinner Ideas

I love the idea of a back to school dinner. It does not necessarily have to be done on the first day of school or the night before. You can have one a few days after school starts so that the kids can have something to look forward to after school. It continues to motivate them and not have time to think of how tired they are with their new routine.

How to prepare for the dinner

You can make dinner as usual or make them their FAVORITE meal. The point is to have your table ready before dinner. This will give them enough time to sit at the table, talk about how their day went and enjoy the goodies at the table. As you can see, I just placed dry erase boards on top of their plates. Then, I added an alphabet letter on top of that. It so happens that the letters match the first letter in their names. Isabella goes by Bella at home and that’s why we chose the letter B for her. The little gift bags have a container of Play Doh, which they love. The milk jars and paper straws just add a nice touch and it’s something different to enjoy during dinner. Just hit the dollar spot at Target and your decor is complete 🙂

back to school dinner by lidia barbosa

How can they use the white boards?

These can be used while waiting for dinner to be ready. Just let them write the alphabet letters, sight words, sentences , about their day at school or whatever they want. Let them enjoy this time while they talk to you about school.


back to school dinner lidia barbosa5

When should they open their gift bags?

You decide! It depends on what you have in the bag. I have play doh, so that’s something that they can play with at any time. If it’s something very special, maybe they can wait until after dinner so that they have plenty of time to enjoy it.


back to school dinner lidia barbosa2

How about the decorative letters on their plates?

Later, these letters can be used to decorate their rooms. You can place it on a dresser or hang it over the bed.


back to school dinner lidia barbosa4

Where can I find the milk jars?

You can find these in the Target Dollar spot or at Michaels.


back to school dinner by lidia barbosa

Back to School Party

Back to School Party Ideas

Have you ever had a Back to School Party? It’s a fun way to motivate children and get into the back to school mood and routine. Trying to get them back into the routine of waking up early and getting them on top of their purple mattress before it’s too late in the evening after a summer of this being relaxed can be hard so why not motivate your kids to get back into the routine with a party? Teachers can have this party on Back to School Night or after a long holiday break. Parents can have this party before the beginning of the school year, at the end of the first week of school or after any long holiday break. As long as the children have all their stationery such as pens, notebooks and pencils ready for when they start the new school term, a back to school party is a great idea. It can be as simple as cookies and juice box. If you add a banner and party labels, it makes it extra special.

To prepare for the party, all you need is:

  1. Any school items already at hand
  2. A few printables to label and decorate the room or table
  3. If you’re inviting lots of guests, why not get some wholesale school snacks as well as some apples, cookies, cupcakes, popcorn and candy

The following are photos of our Back to School Party

Here’s a close-up of our table.

File Aug 25, 10 20 48 AM

This is our full table. It’s simple but very inviting.

File Aug 25, 10 43 29 AM

Our back to school banner has a bright polka dot background.

back to school party lidia barbosa 3

A little student gift.

back to school party lidia barbosa 4

back to school party lidia barbosa 5

Name tents with their names in big, bold letters.

back to school party lidia barbosa 6

back to school party lidia barbosa 7

Display their school supplies in caddies. These containers are from Michaels.

back to school party lidia barbosa 8

Find some other cute containers to hold your pencils and treats.

back to school party lidia barbosa 9

back to school party lidia barbosa 10

back to school party lidia barbosa 11

back to school party lidia barbosa 12

back to school party lidia barbosa 13

back to school party lidia barbosa 14

The cookies and cupcakes were a hit!

back to school party lidia barbosa 15

back to school party lidia barbosa 16

We used special containers and straws for our milk. Cafeteria milk boxes are also a great choice.

back to school party lidia barbosa 17

back to school party lidia barbosa 18

Our cupcakes had special messages to get them into that back to school spirit.

back to school party lidia barbosa 19

back to school party lidia barbosa 20

And, here’s one happy girl ready for school. She must be thinking about the amazing field trips that she’ll be going on this year. I have heard wonderful things about the trips offered by Allnatt.

back to school party lidia barbosa 21

Simpler Ideas for Back to School Night

Teachers, your room is already decorated with all the supplies and bulletin boards. You can add this Back to School banner to welcome parents, if you want. After you place student folders and work samples on their desks, you can add a special treat on top. It could be anything like, a cookie, an apple, a small popcorn bag or a writing object with a gift tag.

Here are some examples:

back to school party lidia barbosa 22

back to school party lidia barbosa 23

back to school party lidia barbosa 24

These Back to School Party printables are available for download. It includes this bright colors set and another primary colors set. It is in English but includes FREE Spanish printables.

back to school decor pack by lidia barbosa in primary colors

You can download the complete file from my Kinder Alphabet teacher store.