Classroom Hand Signals Clipart

I finally posted my second set of classroom hand signals clipart. These hand signals will help you create meaningful visuals for your classroom activities. I included 4 multicultural skin tones and a black and white option for each image. That’s a total of 75 images in one download.

Hand Signals set#2

It includes the following hand gestures:

1. Pinky up to signal a QUESTION

2. Thumb up to signal an ANSWER

3. Letter c hand sign to signal a COMMENT

4. HELP hand sign

5. AGREE/ ME TOO hand sign

6. FIST BUMP hand sign

7. Letter b hand signal to differentiate between letter b and d

8. Letter d hand signal to differentiate between letter b and d

9. LOVE hand sign

10. I’m DONE hand sign with the turning hands around hand motion

11. I’m DONE hand sign with the final motion when turning hands

12. ZERO hand sign

13. ROCK-N-ROLL hand sign

14. Letter L hand sign to signal that you are learning something new

15. CLAPPING HANDS can be used during phonics practice (ex. counting syllables in words)

This is my first set of Hand Signals

This first set includes the numbers 0 to 5, thumbs up, thumbs down, OK and restroom hand signs. I added 4 multicultural skin tones and a black and white option for each sign.

The file includes:

ZERO hand sign

ONE hand sign

TWO hand sign

THREE hand sign

FOUR hand sign

FIVE hand sign

THUMBS UP hand sign

THUMBS DOWN hand sign

OK hand sign


Classroom Hand Signals pinterest image



End of Year Word Work Printables

It’s the end of the school year but we want our students to stay focused and keep on learning. You can continue this with our thematic word work printables which will promote conversation about the end of the year happenings.

This activity works well in a center or during small group time. As always, I have included a FREE copy in Spanish.  Take a look below.

End of Year Word Work Printables

This activity includes the following skills:

Trace the word.

color the word using rainbow colors.

Count the syllables in the word.

Find the vowels in the word.

Find the matching picture.

Use the matching picture.

Use the word in a sentence.

Build the word.

End of the Year Vocabulary Words:



ice cream

field day










FREE Spanish copy of Final del año escolar

Spanish words are:




día de campo


libra de recuerdos








Download the End of Year Word Work Printables here



Mother’s Day Word Work Printables

Mother’s Day is finally here! I’m sure that your students have been busy this week creating a cute Mother’s Day gift. Sometimes, this will be the only meaningful gift that a mom will receive.

If you are looking for a thematic activity, our Mother’s Day word work activities are finally ready. You can choose the pages that you would like to focus on and use them in a center or small group activity. This download includes a FREE copy in Spanish.

Mother’s Day Word Work Printables

This activity includes the following skills:

  1. Trace the word.
  2. Color the word using rainbow colors.
  3. Count the syllables in the word.
  4. Find the consonants in the word.
  5. Find the vowels in the word.
  6. Find the matching picture.
  7. Use the word in a sentence.
  8. Build the word.

Mother’s Day Vocabulary Words:

  1. mother
  2. grandmother
  3. daughter
  4. son
  5. baby
  6. gift
  7. flowers
  8. card
  9. perfume
  10. purse
  11. ring
  12. necklace
  13. chocolate
  14. cake
  15. hug
  16. love

Sample of FREE Spanish Día de las madres Printables

Spanish Día de las madres words:

  1. mamá
  2. abuela
  3. hija
  4. hijo
  5. bebé
  6. regalo
  7. flores
  8. tarjeta
  9. perfume
  10. bolsa
  11. anillo
  12. collar
  13. chocolate
  14. pastel
  15. abrazo
  16. amor

Download the Mother’s Day Word Work Printables here





Alphabet Clipart Super Mega Bundle

Are you looking for some new alphabet clipart to create your educational resources? This download includes over 800 pieces of clipart for all of your creations. Each alphabet set is not limited to a certain number of clipart. I included as many images as I could for each letter. Take a look. I hope that you like it!

Alphabet Clipart Details

*PNG format

*300 DPI

*Includes 401 color images

*Includes 401 black and white images

*Personal and Commercial Use

The Alphabet Clipart Super Mega Bundle includes the following images

Letter Aa

  1. acorn
  2. address
  3. airplane
  4. alligator
  5. ambulance
  6. anchor
  7. angel
  8. ant
  9. apple
  10. apron
  11. arm
  12. arrow
  13. astronaut
  14. ax

Letter Bb

  1. baby
  2. ball
  3. balloon
  4. banana
  5. bandaid
  6. barn
  7. baseball
  8. basket
  9. bat (animal)
  10. bat (baseball)
  11. bear
  12. bed
  13. bee
  14. bell
  15. belt
  16. bike
  17. bird
  18. blueberries
  19. books
  20. boot
  21. bow
  22. broccoli
  23. butterfly
  24. button

Letter Cc

  1. cake
  2. camel
  3. candle
  4. candy
  5. car
  6. card
  7. carrot
  8. cat
  9. caterpillar
  10. cloud
  11. cone
  12. cookie
  13. corn
  14. cow
  15. crab
  16. crayon
  17. crown
  18. cup

Letter Dd

  1. dad
  2. diamond
  3. dice
  4. dinosaur
  5. dog
  6. doll
  7. dolphin
  8. domino
  9. donkey
  10. donut
  11. door
  12. dress
  13. drum
  14. duck

Letter Ee

  1. eagle
  2. ear
  3. earth
  4. easel
  5. eel
  6. egg
  7. eight
  8. elbow
  9. elephant
  10. elevator
  11. elf
  12. envelope
  13. eraser
  14. eye

Letter Ff

  1. fairy
  2. fan
  3. feather
  4. fence
  5. fire
  6. firefly
  7. fish
  8. five
  9. flag
  10. flamingo
  11. floss
  12. flower
  13. foot
  14. football
  15. fork
  16. four
  17. frog

Letter Gg

  1. gallon
  2. garbage
  3. gate
  4. ghost
  5. gift
  6. giraffe
  7. girl
  8. glass
  9. glasses
  10. glue
  11. goat
  12. goose
  13. gorilla
  14. grapes
  15. grasshopper
  16. guitar
  17. gum

Letter Hh

  1. hamburger
  2. hammer
  3. hand
  4. hanger
  5. hat
  6. heart
  7. helicopter
  8. helmet
  9. hippo
  10. hive
  11. honey
  12. hook
  13. horse
  14. hotdog
  15. house

Letter Ii

  1. ice
  2. ice cream
  3. ice skate
  4. ice tray
  5. idea
  6. igloo
  7. iguana
  8. ill
  9. indian
  10. ink
  11. insect
  12. iron
  13. island
  14. ivy

Letter Jj

  1. jack o lantern
  2. jacket
  3. jam
  4. jar
  5. eans
  6. jello
  7. jellybeans
  8. jellyfish
  9. jersey
  10. jewelry
  11. jug
  12. juice
  13. jukebox

Letter Kk

  1. kangaroo
  2. karate
  3. ketchup
  4. kettle
  5. key
  6. king
  7. kite
  8. kitten
  9. kiwi
  10. koala

Letter Ll

  1. ladder
  2. ladybug
  3. lamb
  4. lamp
  5. lantern
  6. leaf
  7. leg
  8. lemon
  9. lemonade
  10. lifesaver
  11. lighthouse
  12. lightning
  13. lion
  14. lobster
  15. lock
  16. log
  17. lollipop

Letter Mm

  1. magnet
  2. mailbox
  3. marshmallow
  4. mask
  5. mermaid
  6. milk
  7. mirror
  8. mitten
  9. mom
  10. money
  11. monkey
  12. monster
  13. moon
  14. mop
  15. mountain
  16. mouse
  17. muffin
  18. mug
  19. mushroom

Letter Nn

  1. nachos
  2. nail
  3. neck
  4. necklace
  5. needle
  6. nest
  7. net
  8. newspaper (news)
  9. nine
  10. noodles
  11. nose
  12. nurse
  13. nuts

Letter Oo

  1. octagon
  2. octopus
  3. olive
  4. onion
  5. orange
  6. orange juice
  7. ostrich
  8. otter
  9. oval
  10. oven
  11. overalls
  12. owl
  13. ox

Letter Pp

  1. pail
  2. paint
  3. pan
  4. panda
  5. peanut
  6. pear
  7. peas
  8. pencil
  9. penguin
  10. pickle
  11. pie
  12. pig
  13. pinwheel
  14. pizza
  15. popcorn
  16. popsicle
  17. pot
  18. potato
  19. pumpkin
  20. puppet

Letter Qq

  1. q-tip
  2. quack
  3. quail
  4. quart
  5. quarter
  6. quarterback
  7. queen
  8. quesadilla
  9. question
  10. quiet
  11. quill
  12. quilt
  13. quiz

Letter Rr

  1. rabbit
  2. rain
  3. rainbow
  4. rake
  5. racquet
  6. rat
  7. ray
  8. rectangle
  9. reindeer
  10. rhino
  11. ring
  12. river
  13. road
  14. robot
  15. rocket
  16. rose

Letter Ss

  1. sailboat
  2. sandals
  3. sandwich
  4. saw
  5. scissors
  6. seahorse
  7. seal
  8. seven
  9. skunk
  10. snail
  11. snake
  12. snowman
  13. soap
  14. soccer
  15. sock
  16. soup
  17. spider
  18. spoon
  19. squirrel
  20. star
  21. strawberry
  22. sun
  23. sunflower
  24. sweater

Letter Tt

  1. table
  2. taco
  3. teapot
  4. teddy
  5. telephone
  6. tent
  7. tie
  8. tiger
  9. tomato
  10. tooth
  11. toothbrush
  12. toothpaste
  13. top
  14. towel
  15. tractor
  16. train
  17. tree
  18. tub
  19. turkey
  20. turtle

Letter Uu

  1. UFO
  2. umbrella
  3. umpire
  4. under
  5. underwear
  6. unicorn
  7. unicycle
  8. uniform
  9. united states
  10. up
  11. upstairs
  12. urn
  13. utensils

Letter Vv

  1. vacuum
  2. vampire
  3. van
  4. vase
  5. vegetables
  6. vest
  7. vine
  8. violin
  9. volcano
  10. volleyball
  11. vulture

Letter Ww

  1. wagon
  2. wall
  3. walrus
  4. wand
  5. Washington
  6. watch
  7. watermelon
  8. wave
  9. web
  10. whale
  11. wheel
  12. wig
  13. windmill
  14. window
  15. wishbone
  16. witch
  17. worm
  18. wrist

Letter Xx

  1. ax
  2. box
  3. fox
  4. mix
  5. ox
  6. pixie
  7. pox
  8. rex
  9. six
  10. taxi
  11. wax
  12. x-ray
  13. xylophone

Letter Yy

  1. yacht
  2. yak
  3. yam
  4. yarn
  5. yawn
  6. yell
  7. yellow
  8. yo-yo
  9. yogurt
  10. yolk

Letter Zz

  1. buZZ
  2. zebra
  3. zeppelin
  4. zero
  5. zig zag
  6. zinnia
  7. zipper
  8. zombie
  9. zoo
  10. Zorro
  11. zucchini

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End of Year A to Z Memory Book

Memory books are the perfect way to end a school year. It’s a wonderful keepsake for students and parents. Take a look at my A to Z Memory Book. I hope you love it.

A to Z Memory Book Cover Page

I added covers for Kindergarten to Fifth grade. These covers look so beautiful when you print them on bright card stock. Here’s a sample of the colorful covers.

Memory Book Pages

This packet has a student page for each letter of the alphabet. A good way to use it is to get started on them before the end of the school year. Students can fill out a page or two during morning work or before dismissal time when things are winding down. It might take some time to complete this book. The good news is that each page is simple enough to where students will add a few words and/or an illustration. You could even use it as an end of the year alphabet countdown! If you took plenty of pictures throughout the year, your students can add some of them in this booklet. For example, you can use pictures of them in their centers, at field trips, at recess, etc. One thing for sure is that your students and their parents will love the completed memory book.

Download the A to Z Memory Book here


90 End of Year Awards

Are you looking for some End of Year Awards? I created 90 options for your awards ceremony! There are plenty of options so that all the students in your class end the year with a smile. This download  includes an editable file in PowerPoint and a PDF document.


Instructions for End of Year Awards in Editable PowerPoint:

  1. Use the included checklist to figure out which pages you would like to use.
  2. Create a new PowerPoint document.
  3. From the open Editable Awards file- one at a time, copy the page that you need and paste it to the new powerpoint document until you have all the award pages that you want to use. You will edit your information in this new file so that yo don’t have to print out all 93 pages from my file (don’t print what you don’t need).
  4. Remember to save your new file as you go, so that you don’t lose any of your work.
  5. When done, print your awards on colorful card stock.
  6. Laminate for durability.
  7. Enjoy!


Option #2 to work with Editable file

I just thought of another way that you can edit your awards.

  1. Open the file in PowerPoint.
  2. Click on “SAVE AS”
  3. Name your file with something like Awards 2016-2017
  4. Delete all the pages that you do not need.
  5. To edit, fill in your information on the remaining awards.
  6. Save your file again when you are done.
  7. Print on colorful card stock.


Don’t forget to use Colorful Card Stock.

The awards look so bright and beautiful.

Instructions for End of  Year Awards in PDF:

  1. Use the included checklist to figure out which pages you would like to print.
  2. Print the select pages on colorful paper.
  3. Print student names, teacher name and date with markers or pens.
  4. Add a small student photo from picture day.
  5. Laminate for durability.
  6. Enjoy!

List of End of the Year Awards

  1. Best Actor
  2. Best Actress
  3. Best Artist
  4. Best Athlete
  5. Best Attendance
  6. Best Attitude
  7. Best Author
  8. Best Behavior
  9. Best Character
  10. Best Computer Whiz
  11. Best Conversations
  12. Best Dancer
  13. Best Dressed
  14. Best Effort
  15. Best Friend
  16. Best Hair
  17. Best Handwriting
  18. Best Heart of Gold
  19. Best Helper
  20. Best Historian
  21. Best Humor
  22. Best Ideas
  23. Best Laugh
  24. Best Leader
  25. Best Listener
  26. Best Manners
  27. Best Mathematician
  28. Best Musician
  29. Best Peacekeeper
  30. Best Personality
  31. Best Poet
  32. Best Problem Solver
  33. Best Reader
  34. Best Role Model
  35. Best Runner
  36. Best Scientist
  37. Best Sense of Humor
  38. Best Sharer
  39. Best Sight Word Reader
  40. Best Singer
  41. Best Smile
  42. Best Speaker
  43. Best Speller
  44. Best Storyteller
  45. Best Student
  46. Best Talker
  47. Best Team Player
  48. Best Vocabulary
  49. Best Worker
  50. Best Writer
  51. Busy Bee
  52. Most Caring
  53. Most Creative
  54. Most Eager
  55. Most Focused
  56. Most Generous
  57. Most Improved
  58. Most Motivated
  59. Most Organized
  60. Most Patient
  61. Most Photogenic
  62. Most Prepared
  63. Most Responsible
  64. Most Truthful
  65. A Honor Roll
  66. A-B Honor Roll
  67. Accelerated Reader
  68. Early Bird
  69. Kindness Award
  70. Math Award
  71. Perfect Attendance
  72. Reading Award
  73. Science Award
  74. Sight Word Award
  75. Social Studies Award
  76. Writing Award
  77. Early Childhood Certificate
  78. Early Childhood Diploma
  79. Preschool Certificate
  80. Preschool Diploma
  81. Pre-Kindergarten Certificate
  82. Pre-Kindergarten Diploma
  83. Kindergarten Certificate
  84. Kindergarten Diploma
  85. First Grade Certificate
  86. Second Grade Certificate
  87. Third Grade Certificate
  88. Fourth Grade Certificate
  89. Fifth Grade Certificate
  90. Sixth Grade Certificate


You can download the End of the Year Awards preview on TPT for a closer look.

Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten Diplomas

The editable preschool to kindergarten diplomas have been updated.  I added new backgrounds and clipart. This download includes titles for Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Primary diplomas. There was a request to include the word certificate, instead of diploma. These two options are now available in the download.



You can download the Preschool, Pre-K, Primary and Kindergarten diplomas/certificates here.

Find the Spanish Diplomas here

Cinco de mayo Printables

This is Cinco de mayo week. I created some word work printables that will help your students build thematic vocabulary. These activities can be used in your learning centers. You can also choose target words for small group work. This word work excercise will help your students review phonics skills, match picture to word, sentence writing and spelling.

This download includes 3 versions:

  1. English directions with English words.
  2. English directions with Spanish words.
  3. Free Spanish directions with Spanish words.

Cinco de mayo Printables

These printables include the following activities:

1. Trace the word.

2. Color the word using rainbow colors.

3. Count the syllables in the word.

4. Find the consonants in the word.

5. Find the vowels in the word.

6. Find the matching picture.

7. Use the word in a sentence.

8. Build the word.

Cinco de mayo Vocabulary Words in English are:

  • Mexico
  • piñata
  • shakers
  • musician
  • taco
  • nachos
  • pepper
  • hat
  • donkey
  • guitar
  • cactus
  • flag
  • snake
  • blanket

Cinco de mayo Spanish vocabulary words are:

  • México
  • piñata
  • maracas
  • mariachi
  • taco
  • nachos
  • jalapeño
  • sombrero
  • burro
  • guitarra
  • cactus
  • bandera
  • serpiente
  • sarape

You can download the Cinco de mayo Word Work printable here


FREE St. Patrick’s Day Necklace and Bracelet Printables

Are you ready for St. Patrick’s Day? It’s a fun day, but we don’t like the pinching when we forget to wear green. So, here’s a little something to help your little ones have a pinch-free day.

St. Patrick’s Day Necklace


This is the LUCKY ME necklace. Just add any ribbon or yarn and tie the ends. It’s as easy as that! You can download the FREE St. Patrick’s Day Necklace here.

St. Patrick’s Day Bracelets


This is the LUCKY ME bracelet. I attached it with washi tape so that  the staple won’t scratch against the skin. If you do not have a stapler or tape around, it’s not a problem. Just attach the strip of paper to the shirt with a paper clip. See the photo below.


You can download the FREE St. Patrick’s Day Bracelets here.

I added a Name line so that everyone keeps track of their own LUCKY ME wearable.

St. Patrick’s Day Printables

Don’t you just love St. Patrick’s Day? It only means that Spring Break and Easter are right around the corner. It is also a great opportunity to use some meaningful thematic activities to focus on the current theme. I created some word work printables that are perfect for building your student’s vocabulary skills. These St. Patrick’s Day printables can be used in one of your learning centers or assigned as daily homework. They will help your students review some phonics skills, match picture to word, sentence writing and spelling. I also included a FREE set in Spanish.

St. Patrick’s Day Printables

These printables include the following activities:

1. Trace the word.

2. Color the word using rainbow colors.

3. Count the syllables in the word.

4. Find the consonants in the word.

5. Find the vowels in the word.

6. Find the matching picture.

7. Use the word in a sentence.

8. Build the word.

St. Patrick’s Day Vocabulary Words in the packet are:

1. shamrock

2. rainbow

3. gold

4. leprechaun

5. lucky

6. charm

7. green

8. March

9. irish

10. pot

11. harp

12. coins

Sample of the FREE Spanish Día de San Patricio printables

It includes the same activities and words in Spanish.

Palabras del Día de San Patricio:

1. trébol

2. arco iris

3. oro

4. duende

5. suerte

6. amuleto

7. verde

8. marzo

9. irlandés

10. olla

11. arpa

12. monedas

Download the St. Patrick’s Day Printables here