New Year’s Eve Clock for Kids

Help kids countdown to New Year’s Eve with this simple clock idea.


  • Paper Plate
  • Brad for arrows
  • Tape
  • Numbers and Arrows Printable
  • Scissors


  • Download and print the numbers printable. It includes several pages with different options for you. I chose the small numbers in black and white for this sample.
  • Cut the number squares and arrows.
  • Tape the numbers to the plate.
  • Poke a hole in the center of the plate.
  • Push the brad into the hour and minutes hands and then through the center of the plate.

That’s it! Now, you can enjoy the countdown to New Year’s Eve with the kids. If they keep changing the time on this clock, they will either stay up until midnight or fall asleep before then. If they are not awake at midnight, the kids will be able to go back in the morning to see the last time posted on the clock before they fell asleep.


Have Fun!

Cinco de Mayo Taco Craft

Here’s a fun build-a-taco craft for Cinco de Mayo. Just print on colored paper or let students color them in. I have included eyes for fun but your students can add different mouth expressions. These would look very cute on your bulletin board. You can teach them the Spanish words of each ingredient.

Taco is taco.

Meat is carne.

Lettuce is lechuga.

Cheese is queso.

Tomato is tomate.

Tortilla is tortilla.

Hope you like it! Here’s a sample video of this craft.



Cinco de Mayo Thematic Reader

We have added easy thematic readers for Cinco de Mayo. Here’s a sample of one booklet. The download includes this featured Cinco de Mayo reader. The other titles included are Piñata Fun and The Mexican Flag. You will also find FREE Spanish copies in this packet.

Here’s a video to sample one of the books.

Find the Cinco de Mayo printables here.


Classroom Hand Signals Clipart

I finally posted my second set of classroom hand signals clipart. These hand signals will help you create meaningful visuals for your classroom activities. I included 4 multicultural skin tones and a black and white option for each image. That’s a total of 75 images in one download.

Hand Signals set#2

It includes the following hand gestures:

1. Pinky up to signal a QUESTION

2. Thumb up to signal an ANSWER

3. Letter c hand sign to signal a COMMENT

4. HELP hand sign

5. AGREE/ ME TOO hand sign

6. FIST BUMP hand sign

7. Letter b hand signal to differentiate between letter b and d

8. Letter d hand signal to differentiate between letter b and d

9. LOVE hand sign

10. I’m DONE hand sign with the turning hands around hand motion

11. I’m DONE hand sign with the final motion when turning hands

12. ZERO hand sign

13. ROCK-N-ROLL hand sign

14. Letter L hand sign to signal that you are learning something new

15. CLAPPING HANDS can be used during phonics practice (ex. counting syllables in words)

This is my first set of Hand Signals

This first set includes the numbers 0 to 5, thumbs up, thumbs down, OK and restroom hand signs. I added 4 multicultural skin tones and a black and white option for each sign.

The file includes:

ZERO hand sign

ONE hand sign

TWO hand sign

THREE hand sign

FOUR hand sign

FIVE hand sign

THUMBS UP hand sign

THUMBS DOWN hand sign

OK hand sign


Classroom Hand Signals pinterest image



End of Year Word Work Printables

It’s the end of the school year but we want our students to stay focused and keep on learning. You can continue this with our thematic word work printables which will promote conversation about the end of the year happenings.

This activity works well in a center or during small group time. As always, I have included a FREE copy in Spanish.  Take a look below.

End of Year Word Work Printables

This activity includes the following skills:

Trace the word.

color the word using rainbow colors.

Count the syllables in the word.

Find the vowels in the word.

Find the matching picture.

Use the matching picture.

Use the word in a sentence.

Build the word.

End of the Year Vocabulary Words:



ice cream

field day










FREE Spanish copy of Final del año escolar

Spanish words are:




día de campo


libra de recuerdos








Download the End of Year Word Work Printables here